Questions and Answers about the history of BPT


A: The new for-profit company, Professional Bonanza-Baron Pilot Training, was formed by most of the instructors that have provided your Bonanza, Baron and Duke training for the past 25 years.  BPT is a live, weekend seminar with flying in your own aircraft, developed and presented by the most Beechcraft experienced instructors in the country.  Most of these instructors are also owners of Beechcraft.

A: The former BPPP was initiated in 1994 as a separate entity in order to put a legal arms-length separation between the flight training and the other business activities of the ABS and its subsidiary the Air Safety Foundation .  Two ABS/ASF board members always served on the former BPPP board and the ASF owned the only share of BPPP stock.

From its inception until the beginning of 2012, the former BPPP trained thousands of pilots.  The former BPPP cadre responsibly adjusted expenses as the clinic sizes varied and accumulated a cushion over time.

Significant improvements and additions were made to the program, such as individual maintenance walk-arounds, additional maintenance classes, the latest GPS equipment updates, etc., all while holding the costs down.

Recent ASF board minutes imply that somehow the former BPPP leaders were responsible for the loss, which is simply untrue.  When the On-Line plus Fly program was thrust upon the former BPPP–at a price below its cost–it was predictable that a loss of attendance and less total revenue for the BPPP would inevitably result.

A: Our instructors and officers are the same people who have developed and presented the program over the years. The ASF Online course is currently based on materials developed by the former BPPP instructors/leaders and many of the flight instructors are the same. You can find the CFI list elsewhere on this BPT website.

Not all CFIs are included on the ASF BPPP list. Some BPT instructors have elected to discontinue performing any new BPPP teaching, and are teaching only with the new organization.

You may be assured that instructors on the BPT list are the ones that have been fully standardized by BPT, will be expert in your airplane and your avionics, and are great coaches.

A: Practically speaking, it is simpler and more flexible to set up a for-profit corporation than a non-profit. As time was of the essence, we deferred the creation of a non-profit until later. Most BPT instructors participate mainly for the love of it and are like you.

A: Our refund policy is clearly stated. BPT is well capitalized and your money is safe with us.

A: The in person format is unchanged but the content is continually updated. At least 30% of the recurrent clinic content subjects are updated every two years. New units on forced landings, icing, accident investigations, GPS systems, iPad and new in-flight software usage are recent examples. There are separate tracks for initial customers, for pilots who are returning (some have come back over 20 times) and companion flyers.

A: All insurance companies have approved us for training. Sometimes agents may not be aware of the situation. If you have any difficulty, contact our insurance manager Jan Monti (listed elsewhere on the site). She can assist you.

A: The BPT clinics are full immersion weekends. This format is no longer made available through the ABS program.

During a BPT clinic, you will receive nearly three times the ground instruction in relevant topics than either the online or new BPPP one day only live formats. All BPT courses are delivered in an interactive classroom setting. You will be able to compare notes with other owners, participate in the vigorous question and answer sessions, review your aircraft with expert maintenance people while on site, and complete your flying in the same weekend without having to find and arrange for your flight training later.

This robust, full immersion training format has served thousands of pilots like you well over thirty years. BPT is preserving the format.

A: You will receive credit for both the classroom and flying Wings Basic FAA programs. You need only to make sure you give your instructor the email address that you used to register with the wings program.

A: Previously Hawker Beech contracted with former the former BPPP to provide every new G- owner up to 4 days orientation and training with a BPPP instructor. Also included was attendance at a BPPP clinic within a year of the sale. One enterprising new G-58 owner even used the 4 days to earn his multi-rating!

Because the full immersion week end clinic was the centerpiece of the Hawker Beech contract and the ABS/ASF does not offer that format anymore, the new Beechcraft unfortunately canceled the program.

Until a formal arrangement can be worked out, you may contact us—BPT– and we will arrange a similar training experience for you.

For our customers who have used our training clinics to keep their certificates current, we regret the inconvenience caused by the unexpected cancellation of the fall classes. BPT was formed quickly to address that very issue and we are now fully ready to again provide you with ultimate Beechcraft training. We have already held our first two clinics as scheduled at Fresno and Tulsa. You may be assured that we will not cancel any promised BPT classes.

Additionally we can supply you with names of our instructors who you can immediately schedule the individual training you need. We wish to thank you for your loyal support, and hope you will again join us for our full, live training in the future.